Friday, January 1, 2010


as i was initially brainstorming this project, i had intended for this project to be for a small, select group people. it seemed important to make the group highly selective, because it would allow me to create symbols that could reference very specific things - and have greater significance because of it.

as i thought about it more, that idea seemed nice - but didn't feel like the right project for me at this time. as i began selecting the people who would receive an invite for the project, i quickly realized i wouldn't be able to select only 10. the number of invitations continued to balloon until it ended up around 45, and that was after trying to still be selective.

with the invites out, the project felt more appropriate. this project was something i wanted to share with many people, and it was something i thought people could want to get behind. it would simply be a wearable testament to our time at otis, and be a more thorough version of the OTIS T-SHIRT.

i sat a LARGE BOX out for the sweatshirts, and ended up receiving 23. i was really satisfied with the number and people who chose to participate. i only invited people who i thought would appreciate it, and now i could speak directly to them with their forms and my symbols.

as i moved forward, i wanted to talk about the diversity of the otis student body. i attempted to reference many different drawing styles, languages, and cultures. i felt this would be the most natural way to harmonize with the sundry people who would soon be wearing the sweatshirts.

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